Phil Lee

4 Jan

With thirty years of road work and songwriting, Nashville singer songwriter Phil Lee is the real deal. You can hear it in his rough-edged voice, and in the vivid imagery that his lyrics present, with stories of worker-bee illegals, truck-driving killers, rats, weasels, and humans with rodent-like qualities. Lee’s is a world of people on the literal and figurative outskirts, straight out of Springsteen’s Nebraska, just a little further south and with a sense of humor. And there’s always that burning desire to rock to a country beat. They are songs without judgment: Phil isn’t throwing stones, but he is a master knife-thrower (seriously), so don’t cross him. His songs hit their target on first listen.

“John Prine, Lucinda Williams, Guy Clark – if there’s ever a Music City Mount Rushmore, save the fourth head for Phil Lee. Could this man be the best songwriter in Nashville?” Nashville Scene

“The Don Rickles of disenfranchised nashtwang strikes again…Lee presents himself as a lovable, if formerly dangerous, rapscallion. Skirting genre boundaries between rock, soul and country with his music and writing lyrics that knock right through walls of taste, decency and political correctness without ever landing him in a punk-rockish, spittin’ for show camp.” Peter Cooper, Nashville Tennessean

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